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Automated Fund


Fully Automated Trading Algorithm

with Live command Centre

Trading Algorithm

Fully Automated


We have been researching, developing, and testing our Trading Algorithms since 2019. It has been a wonderful journey with multiple revelations throughout

We have taken many samples from the market for testing our uniqueness and we found, there is absolutely nothing available in the market that can beat the reliability and result we have been able to achieve through our product. It’s been tested on 10 years of data since 2010 and running LIVE since 2019, and it has given us 100%+ yearly cumulative returns. There is no algorithm that is 100% perfect and fault-free, therefore we have gone a step further to develop our own Command Centre which is kept LIVE 24/5 to supervise the smooth flow and to take Risk Management under vigil.


Our Algorithm will scan for patterns, directions, trends, unusual volumes, and historical records for finding out the best possible entry and exit opportunities in making decisions

The Algorithm works independently and required no knowledge or inputs from you. Even though it can be left alone as a fully automated Trading Algorithm to make consistently profitable trades throughout the year, we have gone a step further in implementing a fully functional LIVE Command Centre to take the Risk Management by its horns. Command Centre will monitor the algorithms running on our server and make direct communication with them in avoiding certain unusual situations in the market and acting earlier than its decision in making certain entry and exit points. The command centre can disable or change the behaviour of the algorithm’s judgments.


There are no alternative Trading Algortihms available in the market that can sustain various types of market conditions right now. Most of them excel well either in a trend or a pattern or a one-way direction

In general, Trading Algorithms fail miserably when the market behaves in mixed patterns and thus wipe out the entire trading capital within a few days. That’s where our Algorithm is destined to lead the show. Not only it has advanced code developed with our 20+ years of successful strategies, but it has its own fully functional LIVE Command Centre that’s monitored by expert Traders and Fund Managers who are in the market for over 2 decades. What makes this process unique is the LIVE monitoring of every decision by the Algorithm, making it as a combined effort of Algorithm Intelligence and Human Brain, a Win-Win situation for our clients!


Far Superior returns compared to alternatives

Irrespective of where the market moves, our Fully Automated Program is designed to deliver exceptional returns compared to the alternatives and traditional investments. Our Trading Algorithm has run live since 2019.

Live Command Centre

24x5 Monitoring

Live Monitoring

Live Command Centre to monitors all activities and each & every call of our Trading Algorithm is a revolutionary & new concept

The basic requirement for a Live Command Centre is a well experienced Technical and Fundamental Traders’ Team who is also excellent in Risk Management with funds. We have 20+ years of experienced brains constantly monitoring the calls from our Trading Algorithm. As of now, our Trading Algorithm trades Forex Pairs but Metal & indices Robots are under development, & we expect to have a Command Centre Team allocated to various products soon.

Live Feed

Our Live Command Centre has a well equipped LIVE feed of the market news from various reliable and reputed providers who also serves established financial houses and corporates

This feed covers every major market, political, & data releases from different countries and any other important updates around the world.

The Live Command Centre also has an entire set of real-time price feeds and dozens of charts to keep the team 24/5 updated on what is happening in each major and secondary markets without delay.

Low Latency

Our Command Centre send & receives commands to & from our Trading Algorithm actively in milliseconds

The Live Command Centre is constantly in communication with the Trading Algorithm and we have spent tweaking the channel to make sure that all the communications are super fast, which is needed to execute the trades in milliseconds. We have multiple geographical locations in the world and we make sure to keep the MT4 server, VPS Server, and the Live Command Centre Server all in one geographical region.

Metatrader 4

MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 4, also known as MT4, is an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders. It is the Most used trading platform in the world.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Sign up with the Link and complete the KYC process.
  2. Create a “RAW Account” with MT4
  3.  Fund your account with at least $ 1,000
  4. Connect with the person who referred you.


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